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How to get OS in PHPIf you want to detect clients operating system using PHP then this is the perfect article for you. You can easily detect user browser , IP & operating system from a user when he/she visit your website. We need a function for the detect operating system. This function helps you to detect OS from IP. Our function actually detects OS from user browser. We can get any user browser using $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] variable. Let's see how we create this script. First, we will create a function na Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, Jan 13, 2016
Get random image from directory in PHPThis article about gets random image from a directory. If you want to use a random image for a link or an article then you can do that easily using PHP. There are a nice and cool tricks to do this program. It's so easy for a developer to make this script and it's easy to use also. Let's see how we make this script for make a random image viewer in PHP. we will use PHP glob function fo that. this function will extract images from a folder.first we will create a function name as RandImg() then pu Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, Jan 11, 2016
EVEN ODD Number In PHPEVEN ODD Number is a formula of an integer value. Today I am going to discuss with you about how to use and create web application using EVEN ODD Number In PHPWhat is EVEN Number?EVEN number is an integer which is evenly divisible by two. If you divide the integer by two and if it has no remainder after divided then the number is EVEN number.What is ODD Number?ODD number is an integer which is not divisible by two. If you divide the integer then you will get a remainder. then the number is ODD n Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, May 24, 2016
PHP Secure Input DataIn this article I am going to talk about PHP Secure Input Data and secure your website more. When a user input something via URL then this function clean this and make more secure to use on the website.Why Secure Input Data?For preventing SQL injection you should use this function into your website's script. Most of the hackers are using SQL Injection method to bypass a security system. So, It's one of the major parts to make your website safe. This function prevents SQL Injection and saves you Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, Jun 10, 2016
Bad Browser ProtectionBad Browser Protection is a part of website security. A part of hackers are using browser injection method for break security of a website. So we need to ensure strong security against bad browsers. In this article, we are going to learn about how to protect a bad browser and make more secure a website.How A Hacker Inject Via Browser?If you have a community website and you provides all information of a user like a user browser , user IP, and other information when they log in and go to their pro Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, May 31, 2016
Minify HTML in PHPIn this article, I am going to discuss Minify HTML in PHP. Why and how you need to Minify HTML in your web page. How it works and what is the facility of web page minifying. Let's see the answer of above questions.Why You Minify HTML?A website speed depends on page structure. If you don't compress website pages yet your website will take a long time to load. If you Minify it will be faster to load and it is very effective to increase user experience. So, For Increase Website Page Speed you shoul Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, May 28, 2016
How To Get Alexa Site Rank HistorySite rank help admins to get website's position, traffic & popularity over the world. If you monitor your rank history you can improve your site and you can know about your website's traffic flow. Alexa is a web based company they provide website traffics data. They make rank based on website traffic. If you have a website and your website traffic rank is so high that means your website's traffic is low, If your website rank is low that means yours website has a large amount of traffic. So y Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, May 22, 2016
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