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PHP Installation

In PHP Introduction we knew about PHP. So we can easily understand this article. Already we have collected Client Software. Now we are going to install them. Install apache and also install MySQL for database management. These all software are free. Download easily software from this link If we install this we get total pack we don't need to install them singly. The name of the software is XAMPP Download and install it. After completing installation we will see an XAMPP icon on our desktop. Find it on the desktop or you get XAMPP Control Panel icon into XAMPP installation folder. Now open XAMPP Control Panel and click on the start button (Apache & MySql).
XAMPP Install
After opening, Apache & MySql open your web browser and type http://localhost into the address bar. If you look like this page
XAMPP Localhost
that means your local server run correctly otherwise reinstall software or you can use another local server. There is much local server like XAMPP (X[Cross Platform] Apache MySQL PHP Perl). You can also use WAMP (Windows Apache MySQL PHP), MAMP (Mac Apache MySQL PHP), LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) and much more. I fell comfort to use WAMP.
When you install XAMPP open installation folder like C:\XAMPP or D:\XAMPP you will find docs folder and open it. It's our project directory our all project will be held on this.

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