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Web Page To PDF Converter in PHPWeb Page To PDF is a simple feature, You can download any web page as PDF format and save to your local drive using Web Page To PDF Converter. This is an important tool for a website to increase impression and user experience. Today I am going to discuss convert web page to pdf using PHP. It's a good service so that webmasters eager to convert web page to pdf using php and randomly searching for web page to pdf php script. It's pretty easy to Creating PDF in PHP. We use mpdf library to make thi Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, Jul 30, 2016
AJAX PHP Shopping Cart with jQueryIn this tutorial, we are going to create AJAX PHP Shopping Cart with jQuery and PHP Shopping Cart with jQuery AJAX is our todays project. Before, We have created Ajax Login Form and Ajax PHP Newsletter project using jQuery and PHP. Our todays taks is PHP Shopping Cart. Before starting step by step tutorial see working PHP Shopping Cart Demo here. Then download the attached file or demo file and start reading and creating.Create MySQL DatabaseCreate a database and execute SQL code which is provid Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 1, Jul 14, 2016
Ajax Login Form Using jQuery and PHPToday we are going to create Ajax Login Form Using jQuery and PHP project. Before this project we have created Ajax PHP Newsletter project using jQuery and PHP. Today our project is Login Form. We know that maximum top profile websites are using ajax for the various feature. Ajax is using for making a web page more attractive. Ajax complete actions without page loading. Let's see how to easily we can make a login page for our website. Follow instructions step by step.Ajax Login Form How To MakeN Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, Jun 23, 2016
Dynamic Multi-Color MenuNowadays Multi-Color Menu is most popular to web designer and developers. High profile website's and some top selling WordPress themes are using the Multi-Color menu. Today we are going to see about Dynamic Multi-Color Menu. We are going to create Multi-Color Menu dynamically using PHP and MySQL. If you don't know about Multi-Color menu before Let's know about it first,What is Multi-Color Menu?Multi-Color Menu is a CSS menu with a different color in each link on the menu. You can set up colors, Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, May 29, 2016
Automatic Backup Website In PHPwebsite backup is most important for every single site. Every ideal website owner backup their website regularly. If you do not make your website backup regularly then you may fall in problem. If your website's server will crash then you will lose your website and will never get it back, If hosting provider will backup your website then you need to pay them for backup data. If your website attacked by Hacker and if they delete your all data then will lose your website. It will be a big amount of Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, May 21, 2016
Create Ajax PHP NewsletterNewsletter is very important for any website. You can increase your traffic, can sell more product and can follow up your website’s users using the newsletter. So, every ideal website should create a newsletter. If you create the newsletter and If you have newsletter subscriber then you can share your latest post to users using this newsletter.Today I am going to show you how we create a newsletter using MySQL, ajax, PHP. Let’s see how we can create this.At first, we create a newsletter subs Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, Jan 20, 2016
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