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How To Export Data From MySQL To Excel Using PHPSometimes we need export data from MySQL table. If you manage a corporate website then you need to export data. If you want to export data from MySQL table then you should choice how you read these data after exporting. I recommended using excel to read exported data. So now the point is how you export data from a specific table from MySQL? It's pretty easy to export data. Let's talk about this. You can export data from MySQL to CSV and you can also export data from MySQL to Excel. Let's see who Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, Dec 19, 2016
PHP Secure Image Upload From URLHi geeks, In this tutorial, I am going to show you How to upload an image from URL using PHP with a secure way. We have already published an article about PHP Secure Image Upload now we are going to show you PHP Secure Image Upload From URL. This method helps you to insert an image from the web easily. You can insert images from other websites. I hope you have already seen this system in WordPress media upload system. WordPress media upload has two figure. Upload from computer and media insert f Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, Sep 09, 2016
PHP Secure Image UploadSecure Image Upload is important for website security. If you have user based website then you should use image upload feature for users because of normally users upload their profile picture in user based website. Then you should allow user image upload feature in your website. You should use a script for upload image. Think yourself is it secure file upload? If you think your file uploader is not safe for website then you should search for secure file upload php script. In this tutorial, I am Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, Aug 24, 2016
Online QR Code Generator In PHPThis tutorial is about how to create QR code using PHP and qrserver.com API. You generate QR code easily for that. Let's see how we do it. First create file name as class.QR.action.php and write down this code.<?phpclass QRform{public function Myform(){echo '<center>QR Code Creator -Make Your Name, website, phone number, location QR Code Free</center>';echo '<div class="comments"><i class="fa fa-edit"></i>&nbsp;Type Here</div>';echo Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, Apr 22, 2016
Get user real IP address in PHPThis article is about retrieved user real IP address by using PHP script. It's very important for a website to track visitors IP address and location. You can monitor your website's traffic location using IP address. So, why late? Let's see how to get user real IP address using PHP.Don't miss: Get location using IP address in phpAt first, we will create a function for that. This function will detect real IP from the visitor.function getrealip(){ if (isset($_SERVER)){if(isset($_SERVER["HTTP_ Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, Jan 03, 2016
Get location using IP address in PHPThis tutorial specially for webmasters who want to trace visitor's location from IP address. we can create this easily using geoPlugin API. We can extract users location information like city, region, areaCode, dmaCode, countryCode, countryName, continentCode, latitude, longitude, currencyCode, currencySymbol, currencyConverter from IP address. Let's see how we can create this program. First create a geoPlugin.php file and write down this code.Don't Miss: Get user real IP address in PHPgeoPlugin Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, Jan 02, 2016
Get country name from country code in PHPIn this tutorial I am going to show you how to get country name from two digit country code. For this we are going to create a PHP function and we will get country name by this function from country code. Create getcountry_code() function and write down this code into this function.function getcountry_code( $country_code ){ $country_code = strtoupper($country_code); $country = ''; if( $country_code == 'AF' ) $country = 'Afghanistan'; if( $country_code == 'AX' ) $country = 'Aland Islands'; if( $c Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, Mar 22, 2016
PHP SoundCloud mp3 DownloaderIn this article, I am going to discuss SoundCloud Downloader. Are you searching for PHP SoundCloud mp3 downloader script? Yes this post for you, In this post, I am going to describe How to SoundCloud mp3 downloader online in PHP. You can download SoundCloud audios using PHP. We already know that SoundCloud is most popular music sharing website over the world. Most of popular artist and singers upload their music in SoundCloud. Even any user can share their audio on SoundCloud. By this way SoundC Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, Jul 08, 2016
Create spam filter in PHPSpam is harmfull for every website. Normally spam means link share, slang and other eligal activitis. Spam protector is very important for every website, we should check user comments. This article is about create a spam filter in php. Php always help us to make something new. Php is a wordwide opensource programming language. Anyone can customize their php website’s script if they wish. This is a great feature of php. In this article we are going to make this spam filter using php function. W Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, Feb 05, 2016
Bangla date and time in PHPSome developer asked me about bangla date and time. A brother asked me “Is it possible to create bangla date and time?” I replied him “Sure why not?” php provides us all type facilities we can create any feauture as we wish. We can create bangla date and time using php. Today I am going to show you how to create bangla date and time. This code is orginally created by Tareq Hasan . This is the main function of the script. first create a file name as bnTime.php and write down this code int Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, Feb 05, 2016
Create captcha in PHPCaptcha is very important thing for human verification. We can protect our website script from web robots and spiders using captcha. Robots and spiders are unable to detect image captcha. So we can protect our important page, user form using image captcha from robots and easily can detect visitor is human. We are going to create image captcha using php. For that we need a font file and create a script. Font helps us to styleing text in captcha image. We use php imagecretae function for cretae th Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, Feb 05, 2016
Random code generator in PHPPHP always helps us to create something new always. Today we are going to create a new function name as Random code generator using php. Random code generator is mainly a program which is helps to create random code in every time. It helps you to create a different code for session or confirmation code. Let’s see how we can create this function. We are going to this code using php. First we create a function rand_code() and put some code for this function. But here is a tricks, we can create o Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, Feb 05, 2016
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