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Random code generator in PHP

PHP always helps us to create something new always. Today we are going to create a new function name as Random code generator using php. The random code generator is mainly a program which helps to create random code in every time. It helps you to create a different code for session or confirmation code. Let’s see how we can create this function. We are going to this code using php. First, we create a function rand_code() and put some code for this function. But here is a trick, we can create our random code with using any length. For that, we will pass a variable for that. In this fact our function will rand_code($length). We pass length as our wish then this function will run the random code a specific length which is provided by us.
Our function is

function rand_code($len)
$min_lenght= 0;
$max_lenght = 100;
$smallL = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz";
$number = "0123456789";
$bigB = str_shuffle($bigL);
$smallS = str_shuffle($smallL);
$numberS = str_shuffle($number);
$subA = substr($bigB,0,5);
$subB = substr($bigB,6,5);
$subC = substr($bigB,10,5);
$subD = substr($smallS,0,5);
$subE = substr($smallS,6,5);
$subF = substr($smallS,10,5);
$subG = substr($numberS,0,5);
$subH = substr($numberS,6,5);
$subI = substr($numberS,10,5);
$RandCode1 = str_shuffle($subA.$subD.$subB.$subF.$subC.$subE);
$RandCode2 = str_shuffle($RandCode1);
$RandCode = $RandCode1.$RandCode2;
if ($len>$min_lenght && $len<$max_lenght)
$CodeEX = substr($RandCode,0,$len);
$CodeEX = $RandCode;
return $CodeEX;
This is our function, we can customize this function as our requirement. $min_lenght and $max_lenght variables help us to execute minimum and a maximum start point of random code. We can config this before using as our requirement. When we run this function with length like

echo rand_code(10);
Then this function will execute different code in every time. We can use this code for a set user session, send verification code using this code. I hope this code is helpful for us.

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