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PHP Basic SyntaxYou must create a PHP file (.php) to execute PHP code otherwise it'll not work. PHP code start with <?php tag and close with ?> tag. And every line complete with semicolon ( ; ) . Ok now create a php file and open your file into notepad or other IDE (editor) and write down below code<?phpecho "Hello World! This is my first PHP project";?>Now save you page name as hello.php into your localserver's htdocs (XAMPP) or www (WAMP) folder. Now open your browser you will get output Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, Feb 14, 2016
PHP VariableVariable like a pot in PHP. We can hold many data using a variable. Like a text string "Hello World" or Integer value like 500. We can use a variable in the whole script if we set variable value top in the script. We don't need to use value repeatedly if we use variable. Here are some rules to declare a variable.1. In PHP variable must start with "$" , otherwise it'll not work.2. Variables are case sensitive . $the_variable & $The_Variable is not same.3. You must start a Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, Feb 15, 2016
PHP InstallationIn PHP Introduction we knew about PHP. So we can easily understand this article. Already we have collected Client Softweres. Now we are going to install them. Install apache and also install mysql for database management. These all softweres are free. Download easily softwere from this link https://www.apachefriends.org/download.html . If we install this we get total pack we don't need to install them singlely. The name of the softwere is XAMPP Download and install it. After completing installa Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, Feb 14, 2016
PHP Data TypeEvery language has the own data type. We should know the data type of any variable example is $a= 100; that means the value of $a is 100 and it is a Integer non-decimal number it could also a decimal number like 100.25 or it could also a text like $a = "PHPAns"; . That means we should identify the data type of a variable. When we set a number like 100 is a value of $a then it means it's an integer, when we set $a = "PHPAns"; that means $a is a string and when we set value lik Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, Feb 19, 2016
PHP IntroductionPHP is a server-side scripting language. Let's know what is server side language? Scripting is a synonym a program , It's some instruction when it runs it work automatically. Server-side means these scripts control from the server not from the user computer and server handles it. When a user visits a PHP web page then the server will process contents like pictures, texts etc. Then it convert into html and execute in web browser.What is PHP?PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is a server side scripting Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, Feb 13, 2016
PHP StringWe knew about PHP string in out past articles. But here we are going to discuss details about PHP String. PHP string is most important on PHP Career. Let's know how we create and use PHP String. At first we need to create it to use, then we can use that in function or script. It can store a value. In the example bellow sees that we use a string in a variable and we declare by echo.<?php$the_string = "Life is beautiful.";echo "Life is beautiful.";echo $the_string;?>Outpu Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, Feb 23, 2016
PHP OperatorsThere is an operator in any programming language. It is very important to learn these operators which are used continuously. You should learn them if you sit for Marketplace like Upwork, Elance or Zend etc. There are many questions in the examination the topic of the operator which is not usually used. Anyway we are showing you all.Operator: For example $x + $y; Here $x + $y these are Operand and plus (+) stain is operator. There are many kinds of operators such as +, -, *, /, !, ++, --, ||, and Read More
Sajjad Hossain, 0, Apr 29, 2016
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